Getting There

Lancelin lies at the end of Wanneroo Road (map). It is about 130km from Perth. There is no public transport to Lancelin but there are several ways of getting there.

One method is via Catch-A-Bus. Catch-A-Bus has changed somewhat, and is now run by Trish and Trev from Lancelin Lodge. The service is mainly offered to run guests of the lodge to and from Perth. Other services can be arranged by contacting Trish & Trev directly.

The bus is well equipped, with air conditioning, stereo music and a trailer for all you luggage. It can carry all your sailboards. Here is a picture of the bus. Here is a picture of the trailer attached to the bus.

Other possibilities are to hire a car in Perth, or possibly arrange transport from one of the tour companies that run tours (typically 4WD) through the area.

Werner Lortscher of Werner's Hot Spot will also arrange transport from Perth to Lancelin.

Here is a picture of the road in to Lancelin. About 12 km before this sign it is possible to get a glimpse of the ocean over the sand dunes. If you can see (very distantly) white caps on the water, it will probably be sail-able at the main beach.

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